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Setting Up D11 VPN on a Windows 10 Computer

In order to connect to the D11 VPN on a Windows 10 computer, you will need to follow the steps outlined below. This will only work if you have a current D11 username and password. If you are using an Apple / Mac product please see this article for the settings.


  1. At the bottom left of your screen, click the Windows/Start Menu icon and then click on the gear icon located just above it.



  1. When the Settings menu opens, click on the Network and Internet button



  1. In the left-hand margin of the Network & Internet window, click the VPN button.



  1. In the main area of the window, click on the "+" button that indicates "Add a VPN connection"



  1. You will see the VPN Field show. Fill in the fields just like the image below. The only thing not showing is your password and the preshared key which is D11VPN!. When you have filled it all in click the "Save" button.



Your computer should now be configured to connect to the D11 Network through our VPN. If you have any questions please contact the D11 Support Center at 520.2211.

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