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Conference Room Presentation Instructions (How to Use Kramer VIA Go)


Some conference rooms and classrooms around the district have been equipped with Kramer VIA Go casting devices. These devices allow many platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) to wirelessly cast their screens through the projector. In some cases, the device will also allow for multiple screens to be viewed at one time. In order to connect to these devices please follow the instructions below.



  1. Make sure the Kramer device is turned on. If you are just turning it on it takes a few minutes to boot. Once booted you should see a screen that shows a "Room Name".

  2. From the Windows 10 Desktop open the Kramer VIA App. NOTE: If the Kramer VIA app is not present on the computer or device please see these alternate instructions for connecting.


  1. Upon opening the App you will be presented with two fields, Room Name and Nick Name. If you look up to the screen where the Kramer / Projector is projecting you will see a "Room Name". This is usually in the format of an IP Address (e.g. Enter this in the "Room Name". In the Nick Name field, you can enter anything you wish, typically this is the name of the presenter. Once you have done this, click the "Login" button below them.



  1. After clicking the Login button, you should see the same window however there will be a new box that is asking for a code. The code should be listed on the same screen as the "Room Name" and be 4 digits. Enter it in the code box and click the Login button again.


  1. You will know you are connected to the system if you see the App change to a much smaller toolbar looking layout with three options (Features, Present, and Participants). To begin presenting you simply click the "Present" button.


  1. Finally, when your presentation is complete or if you want to allow others to present, you can click the "Stop Presenting" button.



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